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Truth and Transparency Through to the Source...

Why should your food be a mystery? We believe you have a right to know exactly what you put in your body. Knowing about the farmer and the land that your food is grown on provides piece of mind and helps you make the right decisions for your health. We spend our time sourcing natural, high quality, sustainable foods. But we don't want you to take our word for it.

Every food item we offer is complimented with complete disclosure about the source. Our own method of "beyond organic" due diligence often brings us right to the fields and production facilities of the provider to conduct interviews, make observations, take photos and ask the tough questions. We are committed to providing you with complete transparency through to the source including grower contact information for you to get it "directly from the horses mouth" if you so desire.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be building this website to showcase wholesome foods from reliable sources around the world. Products will be available through the FarmBoat Floating Markets (FarmBoat.org), group buying program (FoodCommune.com), and small volume wholesale for restaurants and independent retailers. Please sign up for a free newsletter at FarmBoat.org to receive notices about our progress.

We provide wholesome ingredients to make cooking with fresh natural foods easier and more enjoyable.

We believe in nature. Our products are the result of more than a million years of evolution. Seeds, nuts, dried legumes, ancient grains, roots, spices and natural oils derived from the fertile earth are the basis for our product line. Our products are used to create healthy breakfast cereals, delicious garden soups and natural desserts among many other things.

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