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Investors Wanted

That may sound really strange coming from a company that donates its after tax profits to charity. Why would you want to invest in a company with no obscene profits to share?

Well, there are other perks in life besides profits. Life for instance. A happy and healthy life is something you can't always buy with profit. FarmBoat Foods is about helping people adopt healthy lifestyles so that they can live longer, happier lives. We want you to, first, invest in yourself and then set an example for your friends and loved ones.

The world is not getting any easier with the poor food choices offered by mainstream industrial food conglomerates. Synthesized big-profit foods that cause escalating healthcare costs detract from the value of living. However, with a little self education, you can easily find nutritional food sources nearly everywhere.

Our investors are our customers. People who believe in healthy sustainable and responsible food choices. Like eating the things the human body evolved to eat such as fresh fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, meats, fish and other things that humans had access to for thousands of years. If it wasn't around back then, it's not what your body was evolved to consume.

Join us in making a healthier, happier world--one bite at a time!

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