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New Charitable Food Company
Connects People with the Sea

April 15th, 2013 - First, some background: For last three years, Seattle's Floating Farmers Market at South Lake Union Park has intrigued, entertained and educated visitors aboard a 90-year-old wooden steamship known as the "Virginia V". The market was named "FarmBoat" in reference to the historic vessels that plied the waters of Puget Sound a century ago. The non-profit farmer's market hosts independent local farmers, fisherman and artisan food purveyors each Thursday from June through October.

The “FarmBoat” brand is being used to start a new food products company that will offer staple items to compliment meals made with fresh local seafood and farm goods. FarmBoat Foods is planning to sell healthy spices, organic breakfast cereal, dried soup bases, organic olive oil and other shelf-stable pantry commodities that will be offered on the FarmBoat market boats.

Filling a need for food information transparency concerns by consumers, FarmBoat Foods is committed to making full disclosure of the original source for every ingredient in its food line. Most food companies are unwilling or unable to tell consumers where their ingredients originate. Consumers will be able to contact farmers directly, if they so desire, and learn whatever they want to know.

FarmBoat Foods is also a “Profits to Charity” organization. Like the national philanthropy food company started in the 80's by Paul Newman of Newman's Own, FarmBoat Foods is planning to donate its profits to social causes—specifically in support of connecting people to the sea through maritime heritage and healthy local food education initiatives. The idea, according to the FarmBoat program founder, David Petrich, is to create an economic engine that allows customers to help fund non-profit education programs though purchasing healthy local food.

The FarmBoat brand is gaining awareness in the Puget Sound region through the use of historic working vessels to transport and promote culinary goods. The fusion of maritime and agricultural heritage and natural artisan food creates a unique and memorable cultural experience. “People love our authentic stenciled wooden boxes and crate top tables we use at the markets” explains Petrich who designed the “Lucky Anchor” brand mark (horseshoe and anchor) to denote the name “FarmBoat”.

Presentation and education is important to Petrich. The old-world market theme disallows the use of modern pop tents and plastic tables that are common at land-based farmer's markets. Rather, vendors are encouraged to use rustic wooden tables and old-fashioned farm boxes to display their goods.

The FarmBoat brand food products are intended to compliment offerings by local farmers and fishermen. The company plans to sell the products right along side fresh commodities at the floating markets. FarmBoat, the non-profit program managed by the Urban Public Waterfront Association, plans to eventually sponsor markets in at least eighteen ports on Puget Sound.

FarmBoat Foods will also sell its products at select local retailers as well as through an online proprietary group buying system in the works.

For more information about the floating market program, see: FarmBoat.org. For more information about the Urban Public Waterfront Association, see UPWA.org.


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